This is me

Tina Johns

Holistic Beauty Therapist

Making Time 4 You

My business, or rather my vocation and vision has always been about doing something positive for the benefit of other people which would also allow me to earn an independent living for myself. The whole ethos of my enterprise is based around a holistic approach to complimentary and beauty therapies, which encompasses not only our spiritual and physical well being but that of our wider community as well. It is all 'about us'!

Everybody has their niche, and I believe I have found mine by taking my treatments and therapies to where they are most needed. Whether you are too, busy or otherwise prevented from visiting a salon because of health or mobility issues or work & family commitments, I (or sometimes we, depending on your requirements) bring the salon experience to you.

I am a fully qualified beautician & nail artist/technician, massage therapist and I also am a Reiki practitioner. I obtained qualifications living in Cyprus as well as retaking all my courses and exams again in the UK in order to obtain UK accreditation.

  • Beauty Therapy Level 2
  • Beauty Therapy Level 3
  • Holistic Therapies National Diploma
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Registered & Insured BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) member

You may ask yourself where you will find the Time 4 You in your busy schedule, I can ensure you that by making time for yourself and addressing your work/life balance by seeing to your spiritual as well your physical needs for recuperation and relaxation, your day will expand as find yourself better able to tackle your daily challenges more relaxed, with greater efficiency.

I recognised there was pressing need for Time 4 You, so I set about creating it because you deserve it.

Time 4 You Philosophy

Looking beautiful is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is feeling beautiful.

Aligning your spiritual well being with your physical well being is the holistic approach we believe is the way to allow your true beauty to shine through.

Tending to your spiritual well being using complimentary therapies with as much care as we give to our physical beauty treatments, ensures that you feel the best it is possible to feel.

Time 4 You Mission

My mission is a simple one, to use holistic therapies to promote physical and spiritual well being and beauty.

By doing so, I feel I will be assisting others to achieve their full potential, to lead more fulfilling and balanced lives.

Even the longest journeys start with one small step.

If you ready for a step towards a more fulfilled future, I am ready to accompany you as you make that step.