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Qi vs Science.

There is no scientific proof Qi exists so sceptics may dismiss the Universal Life Source as imaginary, requiring a leap of faith.

There is no proof of the existence of Dark Matter, yet this is the almost universally accepted scientific theory on the composition of the Universe, requiring a similar leap of faith.

Young attractive long haired woman with purple flowers in her long dark hair, lays serenely on her back, with healer's hands resting lightly on her shoulders.

Energy Healing & Reiki

Allow your Univeral Energy to flow freely


Reiki was developed around 1922 in Japan by Buddhist monk Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a form of energy healing and it is believed by practioners of the art, that it works by tapping into the energy of the Universe which is present in all of us.

Iin Reiki, this Unversal life force which flows through us is known as is call Qi.

Sometimes this life force gets blocked with in ourselves leading to various problems which are believed to negatively impact our well being.

Reiki practioners understand that if they can free these blockages and allow our Qi to to flow freely once more, optimum health can be encouraged and restored by encouraging the universal life force to flow freely once more.


In complimentary healing crystals are often used in combination with other therapies. Every element in the Universe vibrates at specific frequency. For example a quartz clock or watch is so much more accurate than its mechanical counterpart because the specific frequency of the quartz crystal is a known constant, it vibrates at around 2,000,000,000,000,000 cycles per second (32,768 Hz). The microchip counts these vibrations and everytime the relevant number of cycles is reached, the time piece registers a second.

The secrets of the universe are encoded in these vibrations, in these wave forms, which are the blue print and structure to the all of existence, aural, visible and invisible.

When therapists use crystals, they believe they are focussing these energies in much the same way a reiki practioner or energy healer may use only their hands, as means of directing energy to free a blockage of a person's free flowing Qi, or life force. A variety of crystals may be used for subtle changes of focus dependant on the requirements of the therapy being conducted.


This subtle yet powerful therapy can used in conjunction with a therpeutic massage, or as a stand alone treatment to assist in helping alleviate a plethora of symptoms and conditions and like massage can also be utilised for sheer pleasure, to enhance the environment by filling the air with the most beautiful natural fragrances.

The ability of our olfactory senses to take us back instantaneously to a seemingly long forgotten place in our past, should come as no surprise. Certain fragrances or aromas and our body's response to them do not even have to learned as they are effectively encoded in our genetic memory.

Fragrances and smells can attract or repel us, warn us if food is likely to be delicious or deadly. The smell of fresh cut grass, or the welcoming aroma of baking in the kitchen. Inhaling a deep breath of instant nostalgia is all it takes to transcend time, body, and place and be transported somewhere perhaps more carefree and welcoming.

The ability of the therapist to use essential oils to help the client to seemingly transcend, body, space and time, amplifies the therapeutic effects of relaxing massage.

Each essential oil has a specific or range of uses, some are soothing and calming, like lilac, and is suitable for a wide range of conditions including helping to beat insomnia and encourage a good night's rest. While others like Ylang Ylang are much more invigourating.

The aromatherapist is an expert in mixing the right combination of essential oils to transport you to where you need to be. Whether you need to be revialised or invigourated, or would simply like to be much calmer and relaxed, the aromatherapist, will after consultation ensure the correct combination of essentail oils and massage techniques are utilised to help you achieve your desired state of being.

Hopi Candle Treatment

This popular treatment uses a specially designed hollow beeswax candle inserted into the ear canal. The ceremonial burning of candle is combined with a therapeutic sinus massage designed to relax the subject and ease the congestion usually experienced by people with allergies, head colds and sinus problems, giving nature a helping hand, helping you get back feeling good as quickly as possible.