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What has been formalised as Swedish Massage is a system of massage with origins in the Far East. Dutchman John Georg Mezger applied the French names to the five basic strokes which make up the 'Classic Style' of massage known in predominantly English speaking countries as 'Swedish Masssage'.'

The therapist may use all or only some of these strokes and techniques based on their own personal preference and style, the preference of the client as well as the need to avoid any possible contraindications which may have been highlighted in pre-therapy consultation.

The various massage techniques are designed to manipulate and stimulate muscle and connective tissue, to improve blood flow to promote healing and speed recovery from fatigue by purging the build up of toxins, as well as to induce relaxation and pleasure and aid well being.

Please understand that all my treatments are complimentary therapies. If you have an existing or suspected medical condition, please discuss the the suitability of complimentary therapy with the relevant medical professional as well as with your therapist in order that any contraindications can be avoided

The Indian Head Massage

The Indian Head Massage or champi, as it is referred to in the Hindi language of its originators, comes from a 5000 year practice of Ayurvedic medicince. It concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders were most of of our tension and stress accumulates.

The Indian Head Massage is popular because it can be carried out almost anywhere a subject is able to find a comfortable seat and a corner of calm, away from the main hustle and bustle.

As an Indian Head Masssage can be effectively conducted without the removal of clothes, and the benefits are so profound, being that it concentrates on some of the principle stress centres of the body, it is a useful and practical technique suited to any location.

Corporate and commercial clients are recognising the advantages of stress elmination in their work place including using techniques such as Indian head massage as a means to increase productivity and reward staff performance.

The Indian Head Massage can eliminate those stress collecting blockages around the shoulders and neck areas, relieve muscle tension and relax those deep tissue muscular 'knots'. Your therapist will effectively massage these away with expert fingers and healing energy, leaving you feeling recharged and renewed. Allowing you to continue your day stress free with a magnifecent sense of calm and wellbeing.

The scalp and facial muscles are also carefully and expertly massaged. Relaxing the muscles in this area can see the instant relief from stress headaches caused by muscle tension.

This convenient and easily administered form of massage is versatile in its application and universal in its feel good factor.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone massage is classical massage with the aid of heated stones to enhance the overall experience.

It is a combination of traditional and conmtemporary massage techniques which draw their influence from all four corners of the Earth, including The Americas, Central Asia and the Far East.

I believe that its popularity is testament to its effectiveness. Heated basalt stones are placed on strategic areas of the body including the chakras, the energy points in Yuravedic tradition.

Other heated stones are used by the therapist to give an incredibly deep and smooth massage. The smooth lubricated stones offering far less resistance than classical skin to skin contact. The heated stones are also considerably warmer than body tempreture which adds a new sensation and another dimension to this ancient art of healing and relaxation.

Body Therapy

The ultimate body polish indulgence, where a new you emerges like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

A coconut scrub and exfoliation to remove impurities and improve the skin's condition by eliminating dead skin cells and a stimulating circulation. This is followed by a mud wrap finishing with a tropical oil full body massage. The treatment is directed at improving circulation and the the appearance of cellulite as well as drainage of the lymphatic system.

Enjoy discovering just how good it is possible to feel by experiencing the luxurious delight of this top of the range treatment.


Reflexology involves the manipulation of specific zones of the feet which correspond with specific reflexes of the body. The body's principle components are mapped out on soles of the feet and can be manipulated via pressure points to unblock negative energy, allowing your Qi, your universal life force to flow unobstructed promoting health and well being.

A recent study by the university of Portsmouth conducted by Dr Carol Samuel, claimed that 'Reflexology may be as effective as pain killers.' Could it be that science is waking up to the benefits of complimentary therapies?